Sedation Dentistry

For fear-free dental procedures

Millions of people are afraid of the dentist, and that fear keeps them from receiving the dental care they need. Whether it’s routine checkups or emergency dentistry, sedation can make treatment more comfortable, allowing patients to receive the care they need without fear. Dr Mikhail Pliousnine and the team at College Manor Dental Centre are specially trained in the practice of oral conscious sedation dentistry.


What is sedation dentistry?

Just as its name implies, sedation dentistry is dental treatment performed while the patient is under sedation. Usually, this is oral conscious sedation, in which the patient is aware and can respond to commands, but is completely relaxed and feels little or no pain. This type of dentistry is ideal for adults whose fear, anxiety, or strong gag reflexes make treatment difficult or those who require long, complex dental procedures.


Is sedation dentistry safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry is completely safe—as long as it’s administered by a qualified professional. Dr Mikhail Pliousnine and his team at College Manor Dental Centre are specially trained and certified to perform oral conscious sedation. In cases where IV sedation or General Anaesthesia is required (in which the patient is unconscious), the services of a qualified anaesthetist are used. Of course, like any procedure, sedation dentistry does have risks and side effects. These vary depending on the type of sedative, the procedure, and the patient, so contact Dr Pliousnine and his team for more information.

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