A permanent solution to tooth loss

Dental implants are small screws, usually made of titanium, resembling a tooth root and attached to the jaw bone to support tooth replacements such as crowns and bridges or even dentures. Because they rely on the underlying jaw bone rather than the surrounding teeth for support, dental implants are more stable and more tooth-saving than alternative methods.


Who should get dental implants?

Anyone who’s lost one or more teeth due to gum disease, trauma, or age may be a candidate for dental implant surgery. However, it is imperative that the underlying bone and surrounding tissue be strong enough to support the implant and the new tooth. To know for sure whether you’re a candidate for dental implants, your dentist will take X-rays and complete a thorough examination.


What are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants (MDIs), also called small dental implants (SDIs), have a diameter of less than 3 millimetres and are ideal for situations where regular dental implants might not work. Most particularly, these implants can support dentures and are recommended for seniors who don’t have enough jawbone or can’t undergo the procedure required for regular implants.

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