Digital X-rays

Simpler, clearer X-rays for better diagnosis and treatment

X-rays are an essential part of proper dental treatment, as they allow the dentist and dental hygienist to see what’s going on within the tooth and beneath the gums. Often, X-rays help dental professionals spot potential problem areas before they become actual problems, allowing them to prevent rather than simply treat dental conditions. Traditionally developed on photographic film, dental X-rays can now be rendered and stored digitally.


How do digital X-rays work?

Digital X-rays work very much like traditional X-rays. They are still radiographs of the underlying bone. However, unlike traditional X-rays, which are developed on photographic paper, digital X-rays are imprinted on a sensor and stored on a computer.


What are the advantages of digital X-rays?

The main advantage of digital X-rays is that they can be more easily manipulated than hardcopy images. At the touch of a button, the dental team can blow up an X-ray to get a clearer look, allowing them to diagnose potential problems even earlier. This aids in prevention as well as early intervention, both of which lead to healthier smiles and better overall health. Digital X-rays can also be transferred electronically, allowing faster communication for referrals, second opinions, etc.

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