Cosmetic Dentistry

Get the smile you’ve always wanted

If you hide your smile due to stained, crooked, or broken teeth or unhealthy gums, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer. From a single tooth restoration to a complete smile makeover, Dr Michelle Kizel and Dr Mikhail Pliousnine at College Manor Dental Centre are here to help.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental procedure whose aim is to make the mouth more aesthetically pleasing, rather than to simply maintain oral health. Some common cosmetic dentistry procedures include bonding, veneers, tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, and orthodontics. By straightening, whitening, and reshaping teeth to fill in gaps, the team at College Manor Dental Centre can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.


Who’s a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Virtually anyone who is unhappy with his or her smile can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Most procedures are simple, safe, and effective—some in as few as one treatment. If you’re unhappy with your smile and are ready to trade it in for the one you’ve always wanted, contact the cosmetic dentistry Newmarket team at College Manor Dental Centre today!

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